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As a longtime real estate investor since 1987, former builder, land developer and professional house flipper in Paris, France, former WA State licensed general contractor, former member of the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) and still a current, full-time WA State licensed real estate broker uninterrupted since 1997, I have always strongly advocated and will judiciously continue to provide honesty, full-disclosure and total transparency to every client I personally represent and to those I educate online. Knowing the truth about real estate will allow you to make better real estate choices and better more well-informed financial buying and selling decisions without any undue influence.

To those consumers who are seekers of the real, factual truth about real estate and the process itself, please take special note. Any myth, perception or opinion you may have heard, read or personally believe about the real estate industry or about real estate professionals or realtors in general can be answered for the most part with the five truths that I have detailed and defined below.

TRUTH #1: By whatever term you may know them, EVERY state licensed real estate broker in Washington State that is actively licensed to practice, perform and provide real estate brokerage services to any consumers must obey, abide by and adhere to all city laws, county laws, state laws, ordinances and state statutes such as The Law of Real Estate Agency, plus any additional state statutes as defined under The Revised Code of Washington (RCW), The Washington Administrative Code (WAC) and all rules, regulations and laws as defined by the Washington State Department of Licensing and additionally all federal laws (Statutes) such as The Federal Fair Housing Act and finally all local rules and regulations as set forth by the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). All consumers are entitled by law to receive and must be provided with a complete copy of The Law of Real Estate Agency by their real estate representative. As consumers you are also advised to seek the advice of legal counsel whenever you so choose, at any time and for any reason.

TRUTH #2: Regardless of a real estate brokerage firm's brand name, public perception, reputation or company size, before hiring any licensed real estate professional or realtor you should always perform any due diligence to your own satisfaction. Part of this may consist of reading multiple online reviews, asking the broker to provide real estate client references, verifying that the broker's real state license is in good standing, knowing how many years a real estate broker has actually held their real estate license and how long they have been actively practicing and providing real estate services to consumers, regardless of how many professional certifications or organizational affiliations that a broker may have such as a Realtor designation. The term Realtor® is an annual dues membership to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). It costs $120 per year to join and maintain one’s annual membership designation. NAR only requires that a real estate broker belong to a participating brokerage firm to join. No special real estate knowledge, work experience, nor any additional real estate training other than state licensure is required to become an active Realtor. New real estate licensees hired by participating brokerage firms that require its brokers to join NAR their first day on the job, instantly become a full-fledged realtor and can then be readily referred by a local real estate company to represent you on day 1 of their real estate career. This is why it is critical to know exactly how many years your prospective real estate broker or realtor has been actively licensed to practice in Washington State and whether or not they perform and provide real estate services full or part-time. The most effective broker/client relationships occur when it is understood that real estate is a 24/7/365-day business.

TRUTH #3: Professionally speaking, please understand that not all real estate brokers and realtors are alike and one's professional expertise, business acumen and effectiveness should not be unwittingly assumed to be exceptional simply due to their real estate company affiliation. What any licensed real estate professional actually learns to obtain their WA State real estate license versus what is actually needed to be known to fully protect a client's best legal and financial interests and successfully close a real estate transaction is vastly different. For example, the fundamentals of advanced real estate knowledge, effective communication, marketing skills, complex property market valuation, statistical analysis, timing tactics in strategic negotiation, the psychology of negotiation, internal, external and economic obsolescence and the execution of real estate negotiation expertise itself are not taught in real estate school, nor are these vital tools and skills simply acquired or easily understood just by simply obtaining one's state real estate license and working for a well-established or widely known real estate brokerage firm. Highly technical and proven, effective negotiation skills alone can take many years to acquire, perfect and master, let alone successfully incorporate with precision and timing into a complex real estate negotiation that might benefit you as a buyer, seller or investor at any given time. 

TRUTH #4: One cannot stress enough how important it is to be aware, acknowledge and fully understand that your entire real estate journey and overall real estate experience with your real estate representative from start to finish including the overall quality of customer service, communication, overall reliability and the final representational outcome that you receive whether it be (good, bad, easy, difficult, convenient, inconvenient, ethical, unethical, positive, negative, successful, unsuccessful, world-class satisfaction or you got what you paid for, highly memorable or a complete nightmare experience) will rest squarely on the shoulders and be completely and entirely dependent upon the overall expertise of the real estate professional or realtor that you specifically hire or engage to represent you, regardless of the real estate companies name brand recognition or overall company reputation. To be clear, it will be the real estate broker or realtor that you personally hire that will be the one solely negotiating anything on your behalf, not their real estate brokerage firm.

TRUTH #5: As buyers, sellers and investors of real estate, it is up to you to carefully consider and then decide who you believe will ultimately protect your best legal and financial interests at all times. From a business perspective, by choosing the right real estate broker representation, your chances of hope, faith and your personal goals working together in your favor will increase substantially.



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